Pet Microchipping

A safe and reliable way to bring your pet home.

Microchipping your pet increases the chances of being reunited with them if they become lost or stolen. Collars and tags can easily fall off or be removed, but a microchip is inserted under your pet’s skin and provides permanent identification.

Hixson Pet Wellness Center is happy to offer the DataMars pet microchip. DataMars microchips come with access to two different registries, PetLink and PetMaxx. PetLink’s database, for pets in the US and France, provides easy online access to veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, and pet owners to register and maintain contact information and report lost pets. PetMaxx brings together national databases from over 30 countries, assuring that no matter where you and your pet go adventuring, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s contact information will be accessible upon scanning.

By simply searching the number online, your pet’s contact information is easily accessed so they can be reunited with you sooner.

The Pet Microchipping Process

A microchip is a small electronic device – about the same size as a grain of rice – implanted under your pet’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades. It is a quick procedure, and we often microchip pets during a pet wellness exam while you are with them.

To insert the microchip, our veterinarian uses a sterilized syringe. Once in place, your pet’s tissue grows naturally around the chip to keep it from moving. All pet microchips are built with non-reactive materials and are battery-free to prevent health complications.

Scanning the DataMars Microchips

Our SmartTag microchips are scannable at animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and other facilities to retrieve your contact information.” to “Our DataMars microchips are scannable at animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and other facilities to retrieve your contact information.

Once the vet or animal shelter receives your information from the identification number, they can reunite you with your beloved pet.

The Importance of Registering and Updating Your Pet’s Microchip

Registering your pet’s microchip is simple. All you need to do is log into the database and attach your contact information to their microchip ID number. There is no additional cost to update your information in the database. It is vital to update your information – just ask Sophie.

Although Sophie had a microchip, her family did not update her information, and we only knew her name, their family name, and their Florida address from 16 years ago. She joined the team at Hixson Pet Wellness Center as the furry face for lost pets. Sophie retired from our pet clinic to a private home in 2019, and we wish her well with her new family!

Schedule Your Pet’s Microchipping Appointment

Request an appointment today and have your pet microchipped, or feel free to give us a call to schedule a visit. Our team is more than happy to help answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

You can also visit to learn more about the benefits of microchipping.

Hixson Pet Wellness Center provides pet microchipping for dogs and cats in Hixson, Red Bank, Harrison, Soddy Daisy, Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas. We also offer pet wellness exams, pet vaccinations, pet dental care, spay and neuter surgery, soft-tissue surgery for pets, and more. Schedule an appointment today.

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