Digital Pet X-Rays

High-quality radiology services when your pet needs it most.

We know how stressful it can be when your pet shows signs of illness or injury. If your pet is limping, favoring a leg, or simply not acting themselves, they may need our digital pet X-ray services.

At Hixson Pet Wellness Center, we offer low-stress pet radiology services to diagnose potential internal issues. Our caring veterinary team will do our best to calm your pet during their X-rays and get them feeling better as soon as possible.

Benefits of Digital Pet X-Rays

Digital X-ray provides significant advantages over traditional film X-rays for pets. Our high-tech digital radiology machine takes X-rays faster than film, which means less stress and radiation exposure for your pet.

Results are also quicker with digital pet X-rays. Rather than waiting weeks for processing and development, our team gains imaging results in minutes. The immediate access to radiology lets our veterinarians promptly diagnose your pet’s internal issues.

Symptoms We Diagnose With X-Rays

Digital pet X-rays assist our veterinarians in analyzing various symptoms. Bone fractures are one of the most common issues we diagnose with X-rays, but we can also use this technology to assess the following conditions:

Contact Us for Fear Free Digital X-Rays Today

Our Fear Free practitioners at Hixson Pet Wellness Center pride themselves on offering low-stress digital pet X-rays for cats and dogs. We do our best to keep your pet calm and give you peace of mind that your four-legged family member is treated with care. Contact us online or call today for more information.

Hixson Pet Wellness Center provides digital pet X-rays for dogs and cats in Hixson, Red Bank, Harrison, Soddy Daisy, Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas. We also offer pet wellness exams, pet microchipping, pet vaccinations, pet dental care, spay and neuter, soft-tissue surgery for pets, and more. Schedule an appointment today.

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